Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Recently, my friend bought some Paleo chocolate and it was really delicious, really delicious. Every time I went to go buy some of this chocolate from a store near my house, it was always closed. I found a stockist near work, but didn't want to keep visiting that health food/fitness store to buy chocolate, so I figured I'd hit the local IGA on my way home and find something similar. I found Taza Chocolate and figured it would have to fix my craving. So when I got home, as all good girlfriends do, I hid the chocolate under Adrian's pillow and waited for him to get home, find the gifted chocolate so I could finally eat it.

He opened it and I watched like a hungry child, when it came to eating some of it I was pleasantly underwhelmed. It wasn't anything like what I had craved and I waited for him to get home for me to be disappointed, dammit! I put the chocolate in the lolly drawer and forgot that I had even bought it. Until, I was researching Mexican hot chocolates and google image showed me what looked strangely resembled the underwhelming chocolate discs I had previously stashed in the kitchen. I hadn't bought what I originally wanted, I had invested in my future cravings!

I visited the Taza Chocolate website and found the recipe I used to make these Mexican Hot Chocolates.

1 2.7 oz package of Taza Chocolate Mexicano (any flavour)
2 cups of milk, soy milk, almond milk, or water
Salt to taste


1. Roughly chop or grate he chocolate and set aside. (I just broke the discs into little pieces)
2. Heat two cups of milk or water in small saucepan over medium heat to just below a simmer.
3. Remove the milk from heat and add a pinch of salt. (I didn't do this, the salt part freaked me out. Let me know if you guys did and if it was salty milk?)
4. Slowly mix in the chocolate, string frequently until dissolved.
5. When chocolate is dissolved, return the mixture to the stove and re-warm over low heat.

That's pretty much it!
I whipped some cream and added it to the top and sprinkled some chocolate powder on top. I also used the Cacao Puro to make these but, look at all the flavours, all the possibilities!!

One word of warning, I felt pretty sick after drinking so much dairy/milk. Especially with the cream that I added on the top. It was good at the start but I had to take breaks! haha

-Olivia. xx


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I’ve gotten pretty tired of my hair lately.

The only exciting moment is when I’ve noticed my hair getting a little bit longer. So, it was like my prayers (or pleas) for cooler hair were answered when I was given the opportunity to work with Schwarzkopf and show you guys how to style coloured balayage hair!

So, I did it – I coloured my hair pink, or what the packet calls Raspberry Rebel. When I ripped open the hair dye I nearly had a heart attack, the colour was super bright and I got a bit worried, but I watched a couple of DIY videos to help me get into the groove. I snapped on the gloves and away I went. With a deep breath and a ‘what have I got to lose?’ attitude, I started covering the ends of my hair in this bright pink colour. I can kind of relate colouring my hair to the moment when you’re about to paint on a blank canvas and you hover the brush above the canvas just hoping you get it right, that moment you just hope it doesn’t stuff up.  This is what colouring my ends pink was like. The moment I put the colour on my hair was a huge relief and away I went, painting my ends and then leaving it on for about 20 minutes. Washing out the dye just as fun, the water ran bright pink for a while and just looked so cool!

I dried my hair and loved the finished result; I thought the pink would be darker on my hair, but it turned a great shade of pink. I felt that I blended the colour into my hair pretty well, I made sure I had a nice gradient between my natural colour and the pink and not a harsh line. I’m so pleased with the result – Now, I’m just waiting to see if a turquoise semi-permanent colour comes out one day! 

Fun and bright colour, without the commitment! What’s not to love?! 

-Olivia. xx


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


In March this year I had an exciting opportunity to head over to England and Europe (that I'll share with you all soon). I went was to celebrate Adrian's grandma's 90th birthday. I traveled with Adrian's family and funnily enough, this was the first time I've gone overseas with someone since I was little; I went to South Korea and to go live/study in Sweden alone. So, it was a nice contrast to travel with such a huge group and not look like a cried out lobster boarding the flight. The flights were okay, I wasn't flying in style so when I got off the plane, I more or less resembled a person who'd been dehydrated for over 24 hours and watched too many in-flight movies. 

Adrian's parents first came to live in Australia in 1978, because his dad was offered work here in Melbourne. Lots of people from Australia have family that have left their home countries for some reason or another, my family too. A common question to ask someone is to ask where they're from, even if you might know that the person was born in Australia; everyone has come from somewhere in Australia, unless their family has an indigenous ancestry. I think that's what makes Australia a pretty fantastic place, it's a giant melting pot made up of about 200 years of migration history. 

We spent 10 days in the north of England, in the Yorkshire Dales. I've only been there once before in 2010 when I lived in Sweden and Adrian came to visit me. We didn't have a lot of time then, so the 10 days in England was really special, especially for Adrian and his family. Leaving Melbourne was hard because, I knew we'd be leaving behind the nice weather for the beginning of Spring in Europe. Although, I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived during England's heat wave... of 17 degrees celsius. One of the front pages contained images of people jumping off piers into the ocean, crazy! Our heat waves consist of temperatures soaring above 40 degrees celsius, so this heat wave seemed pretty strange to me.

We visited the Hepworth Wakefield galley which was Adrian's mums idea - I really loved it there. I saw Albert Wainwright's watercolour creations and I bought a print to hang up at home. There was also a showing of Philip-Lorca diCorcia photography which was really amazing, I'm kind of regretting not buying the book that I saw in their gift shop! I also went to the Salts Mill and had lunch at the diner. You could spend a day just looking around there too! 
We also visited Skipton castle, it was near where we were staying and it reminded Adrian's brother of Game of Thrones that we hadn't really watched at the time. Looking back at the photos I can see why. 
We drove around the dales to Bolton Abbey and pit stopped at a ice-cream farm - delicious idea! On the last day in Yorkshire, we were taken to Malham. It was such an amazing place to visit, so beautiful and really english. I learnt how to knit from Adrian's grandma and his mum in the pub we had a drink at. Although, I think I may have forgotten. Sorry Sue

If you're keen on visiting any of these places, I really recommend them.  
You can see more images from my trip using the hashtag #foxandminttravels on Instagram

-Olivia. xx


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This might sound weird but, I've kind of gone through a music detox. Being a teenager, music was really important to me, it made me feel like I was connected. There was a point in my life when I just stopped listening/looking for new music to listen to. I would prefer silence and some of the music I was listening to reminded me too much of other things.
Whatever, it sounds cheesy. Recently I discovered this function on Spotify where you can listen to music according to the genre and mood you're in (they even have 'white noise', not sure when you'd want to listen to that!) Anyway, This was honestly life changing, I've started to feel connected and excited about music (add extra cheese here). (I'm sorry Adrian, although I think you're pretty aware of my non-music listening habit). 

I've found some pretty great new songs and thought I'd share with you the music I've been listening to lately. Now, one thing you might not know about me is that my all time favourite band is Hatebreed, yes, seriously. I used to have their band logo stuck on the back of my car window. I love heavy music and I have since I was a teenage emo. (haha) But, I've always also loved other genres of music too.
I think I kind of listen to everything and it's always really dependant on what mood I'm in. At the moment, I'm in a pretty calm and reflective mood and I felt really compelled to do a blog post on what I'm listening to at the moment. So, I created a playlist on my Spotify called Fill The Silence. If you're going through that silent part in your life then you don't have to listen to these songs, but if you do, I really hope you like them.

01 Passage by Lowercase Noises
02 A long time ago by First Aid Kit
03 Retrograde by James Blake
04 The Suburbs by Mr Little Jeans
05 Wasting my young years by London Grammar
06 Oh Sailor by Mr Little Jeans and The Silverlake Conservatory of music youth chorale
07 Aftermath by Tomas Barfod feat. Nina K
08 Anything you synthesize by The American Dollar

-Olivia. xx